Harry Styles' Tiny Desk Concert Is The Most Delightful Thing I've Ever Watched

I've been a fan of Harry Styles since the moment the "What Makes You Beautiful" video dropped and I learned who One Direction was. I remember it like it was yesterday, we were on the road with the Blackout Tour, watched the video and heard the song for the first time, and immediately started wondering if we could make it work in the show that night. 

But I've always simply been a fan. If someone asked I'd say, "Oh yeah, love Harry Styles," which was true, but I wouldn't add much else. Well after this video I'd like to declare that I'm full blown obsessed with him. I think I'm late to that but while I've always thought he was talented, I did not know just how dripping with charisma he was. Heavens can that man hold a room. And that sweater? Adorable. The rings? Oddly badass. Painted nails? Haven't been cooler since Carson Daly used to rock them on TRL.

Harry, be prepared. I'm gonna be obsessed with you starting now and there's nothing you can do about it.