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COVID-19 Health Tip Of The Day: Drink Your Veggies

Hello Corona-V Survivors,

Brandon Newman here with your COVID-19 Health Tip Of The Day: Drink your Veggies.

In these unprecedented times, we're forced to find safer ways to do the things we always do like wearing plastic gloves while masturbating or washing your hands with soap and water, instead of air and water. In addition to making traditional chores safer, we should consider adopting some new habits like... I dunno, eat some vegetables. Better yet, drink some vegetables.

Normally, I don't eat vegetables unless they're in appetizer form; buffalo cauliflower, deep-fried green beans, broccoli tempura, etc. But we're at war with the coronavirus and we need all the ammo against autoimmunity that we can get. I heard on the news that our bodies benefit from the nutrients in fruits and vegetables so the next time you're in the grocery store, use your gloves and throw some vegetable juice in your cart.

A sip a day keeps obesity away!

Stay safe.

PS, I'm losing my mind: