Welcome Big Dick Nick To Chicago. He Will Be The Bears 24th Different Starting Quarterback Since 2000

Two nice shirts. The BDN shirt in the GSH style is the most classy, understated, and sophisticated way to let the world know that your quarterback has a giant hammer. It's a wink, not a leer. Then when the Bears are stomping on the Packers later this year you can rip off the BDN and shove a 9 right in their faces. Gonna be great and totally different than...every other quarterback the Bears have had in the last 20 years. Let's take a look at this list. 

Cade McNown

Shane Matthews

Jim Miller

Chris Chandler

Henry Burris

Kordell Stewart

Rex Grossman

Craig Krenzel

Chad Hutchinson

Jonathan Quinn

Kyle Orton

Brian Griese

Jay Cutler

Todd Collins

Caleb Hanie

Josh McCown

Jason Campbell

Jimmy Clausen

Matt Barkley

Brian Hoyer

Mike Glennon

Mitch Trubisky

Chase Daniel

And now, presumably...Nick Foles. 

There is a whole lot of SUCK on that list. The Browns famous jersey with all the different starters going back to Tim Couch kind of steals the Bears shine, but it has been nothing but misery for the last 20 years. It's remarkable that the Bears were as good as they were under Lovie because I mean...jesus christ look at those names. 

I remember my buddy in HS was so excited when the Bears signed Kordell Stewart that he hung the front page of the Chicago Tribune's sports section in his locker. When the Bears traded for Jay Cutler I was in my first real job and a dude in the office cried. A grown man cried real tears about the Bears acquiring a quarterback(I love Jay Cutler and think the Bears fucked up a chance with a legit QB, but still). Do you know how many times in the last 20 years the Bears have had their starter play a full 16 games? Twice. TWICE. Rex Grossman in 2006 and Jay Cutler in 2009. They've had 7 years where they had to start three different quarterbacks in a season. That is unbelievable. Three first round draft picks on that list(four if you include the picks traded for Jay). They've tried. They've uncovered every stone. Chicago is just where QBs go to die. And yet...I feel like Foles is going to be different. There's no chance he plays 16 games because, well, it's the Bears. BUT...it does feel like the Bears have a competent option at the QB position for the first time since Jay left. All he has to do is be average and hope that the front 7 on defense is good enough to take the ball away and kind of recapture what they had in 2018. Football season can't get here soon enough.

Eddie broke down the whole signing on Redline this week. We are kinda trending towards optimism which was NOT the case last year. Listen here.