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Duxbury High School Turning Into Nazi Germany After Popular Football Coach Fired




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Hi barstool,

I’m a senior at Duxbury High school, in the south shore. You probably remember the town from the drama regarding the hockey player suing a few years back. Well now the town is in the news again, over the recent termination of our beloved gym teacher and football coach, Harry Taylor. Our town is full of stoolies, and we need coverage on this story and we needed it yesterday. I have a whole bunch of links I will attach to articles already written, as well as I will give you a quick rundown myself.

Over the summer, the football team had practice in the weight room, when the windows began to fog up. A few students who thought they were funny wrote their names and penises in the fog of the glass. Coach T told them to stop, but they didn’t. Therefore he most likely yelled at them and hit one of them in the arm to tell them to knock it off. There is no true evidence of what happened, so that may not due it justice. The students then apologized because they knew they were being idiots and life carried on. That is, until, one student, not one of the ones who got yelled at, went crying home to their mommys and then their mother called the school to report the incident. Our coach was then suspended on paid leave while they conducted an investigation. Recently, we have been informed that his contract has been terminated and his teaching license was revoked, which means he can never be a teacher again.

In support of our couch, the football team organized the students to wear “Free T” on all of their clothing in support to rehire the teacher. The football team also wrote Free T on a hill behind the school which was quickly covered up by the administration. The students then began to write Free T in tape and sharpie on their clothes. All students caught with this apparel were sent to the office, where they were yelled at, given detentions, forced to remove the clothing, and threatened with suspensions if they repeated the incident.

THIS IS COMPLETELY ILLEGAL. It 100% violates our first amendment and basically throws a big middle finger at the students telling us our student voice is worth nothing to the almighty power of the administration. 



So this story is gaining momentum. The above letter pretty much sums up how I understand the chain of events. There is another letter in the Duxbury Times that basically tells a similar story. Long story short there were a couple guys being dickheads in the weight room drawing penis’s on the window. The football coach told them to stop and may have grabbed them by the arm or done something beyind simple yelling. In any event basically everybody agrees it wasn’t that big of a deal. The two kids who got yelled at didn’t say a word about it. Somebody not involved in the incident ratted on the coach and he got fired which has caused a shit storm of protest in Duxbury.   Kids wearing Free Coach T tshirts, petitions etc.   Naturally the school has responded by punishing anybody who has voiced their support for the coach.

This is just another in a long line of stories that proves everything I’ve been saying for the past decade about school administrators. I mean there may be some debate on what actually happened in the locker room, but there is no debate that the school is cracking down on anybody who supports the football coach.  It’s like international waters or something where all the laws and rules of America don’t apply. Websites that talk about the way this is being handled are being blocked, if you say the coaches name you get detention. It’s turned into Nazi Germany in Duxbury. How can a public high school just be like sorry but Freedom of Speech doesn’t apply in these walls. Again I don’t care if you’re on the coaches side or against him but to not let students speak their minds and have a voice is as UnAmerican as it gets.  It flies in the face of everything schools are supposed to be teaching.   If you make a decision you need to stand by it and be prepared to explain it.   You can’t just no comment everybody and punish anybody who disagrees.  Yet that’s exactly what they are doing.