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Bonus Ana de Armas Blog: Her Speaking In Spanish And Saying Her Own Name

That's right folks, you're getting two (2) Ana de Armas blogs today. The other had a little more focus on her new boy toy Ben Affleck, but we're all about Ana in this one. Even better, we have two videos for your viewing pleasure. The first is just her saying her name over and over again. It's simple yet beautiful. What an accent. What a name. What a woman. 

The next video is just her speaking Spanish. I have absolutely no idea what she's saying but I love it. I might use this quarantine to get hooked on one of those language teaching programs and learn a second language. I want to be able to understand everything that Ana is saying in Spanish. Imagine the dirty talk in bed in Spanish? You're right, I can't. Goddamn you Ben Affleck. 

Long live the queen. Wash your hands people.