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Ben Affleck Took Some Snaps Of His Girlfriend Ana de Armas On The Beach And Is Coming For A-Rod's Crown As Top Boyfriend Photographer

Amidst all of the crisis and chaos going on in the world, Ben Affleck and Ana De Armas have risen as one of the world's top celebrity couples. It pains me to write this since I'd sacrifice my entire blood line just for a night out with the queen, but I have to be respectful and tip my cap to that cocksucker Benjamin. 

He's just living the dream right now and has everything going for him. Even his new basketball movie The Way Back has gotten some surprisingly good reviews. 

What I won't do here is crown him as the number one celebrity boyfriend photographer. That title belongs to my colleague Alex and it's staying that way. A-Rod doesn't need some fancy expensive camera to get the right shots of his lady. Just give me the man an iPhone and let him go to work. 

Please keep taking more pics of Ana and posting them to the internet, Ben. It's one of the few things we have to hope for moving forward.