Local Man Named Brady is Not Scared Of Coronavirus: "If I Get Corona, I Get Corona. At The End Of The Day, I'm Not Gonna Let It Stop Me From Partying”

One of the greatest interviews in news history couldn't have come via a greater guy:

Hard times don't last. Great partiers do. 

This was my favorite part of the interview. I thought he was going to tell me he's been planning this trip for 3 years. Nope. Just 2 months. 

Famous last words? Whatever happens, happens. 

The name Chad, Brad, and Kyle all hold big weight. I'm throwing the name Brady right in there with those 3 names. I've never met nor known a normal Brady. They are always out of their mind. This fella is a perfect example. I wish Brady the best. Coronavirus probably doesn't compare to the worst hangover he's ever had and he survived that so he'll be good.