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Are The Milwaukee Bucks Aware That Steph Curry Exists?

OK what the hell is going on around here? One day we have former teammates leaving Steph off lists of who they would build a starting five with, he always seems to get snubbed when talking about the top 5 players in the NBA when everyone is healthy, and now we have the Bucks here claiming that it is in fact Kyle Korver who is the best shooter in NBA history? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills and I'm not even a Steph Curry stan. I get it, the Bucks have to rep their own guy but by pretty much every metric this is blatantly false.

Career 3PM

Steph Curry: 3rd all time / 2,495 3PM in 699 career games / career 3.6 3PM a night

Kyle Korver: 4th all time / 2,437 3PM in 1,224 career games / career 2.0 3PM a night

Now I will fully admit, I'm not a huge math guy. Never have been and never will be. But even my dumb dumb brain can clearly read and see that Steph ranks higher all time, has made more threes while playing a shit ton of fewer games, and for his career makes more on average per night. Seems important if we are comparing the two.

Career 3P%

Steph Curry: 43.5% on 8.2 attempts

Kyle Korver: 42.9% on 4.6 attempts

Oh so Steph shoots a better career percentage while shooting nearly double the amount of attempts? Interesting

3PT Shooting Records

Steph Curry: Most seasons leading the league in 3PM (5), Most consecutive seasons leading the league in 3PM (5), Most 3PM in a season (402), 2nd most 3PM in a game (13), Most consecutive games with a 3PM (157)

Kyle Korver: Most seasons leading the league in 3PM (1), Most seasons leading in 3P% (4), Most 3PM in a season (1), Most consecutive games with a 3PM (127)

OK so Korver makes some waves here in his 3P% seasons, but that's about it. Everything else Curry smashes him. 

This isn't supposed to be a shit on Kyle Korver blog, the dude is legit one of the most lethal three point shooters the NBA has ever seen. This is more about the disrespect that Steph Curry continues to have to deal with. It makes no sense to me on basically any level. Maybe it's because we haven't really seen him play this year that people just forgot about how good he was? Shit, Kyle Korver isn't even the best shooter that the Bucks have ever had! You may or may not have heard about Ray Allen. Guy was pretty decent at shooting, look it up sometime.

Now because the internet exists we can also back these numbers up with the eye test. Imagine thinking this guy isn't the greatest shooter of all time. Pandering is a hell of a drug but sometimes you need to be slapped in the face with reality