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This Blind Brisket Trim At Leroy And Lewis Is Mesmerizing

There are a couple of keys to great barbecue. The most important is the fire. Always has been, always will be. You can load your brisket up with all the seasoning and injections you want, but if the fire sucks then the brisket is going to suck. 

The second is trimming. Now sure, the age-old saying is that "fat is flavor". But not all fat is created equal. Like imagine if someone just threw you on the smoker. I'm not condoning cannibalism here but if we were cannibals, you can probably admit that there would be certain parts of you that would be better trimmed off before the final product is served, right? So with a brisket, there are some chunks of fat that simply won't render down and give you a good bite of barbecue. They don't add flavor, they just leave you with an inedible texture. Here's a quick brisket trim tutorial from Brendan Lamb, who you might remember from my "favorite current pitmasters" blog last week

So now we get to LeRoy and Lewis which is one of the top bbq spots in Austin. Being a top bbq spot in Austin is like being one of the top teams in the SEC. The strength of schedule alone is enough to get them into the preseason AP Top 20 Rankings. And when you've trimmed as much brisket as Bradley Robinson over at LeRoy and Lewis (also builds his own pits at Chuds BBQ), well then it's time to flex on everybody and do that shit with a butcher paper blindfold on. 

What a beast. What an absolute weapon. Rounding off the edges like that with a blindfold on without taking the whole flat with him? Beast. Not slicing his finger off at any point throughout the duration of this video? Beast. This is like Mahomes throwing a no-look pass only way better because Mahomes isn't wielding around a boning knife in one hand while he's throwing touchdown passes. What a performance for the ages.