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Now Seems Like A Good Time To Pivot To Covering Barbecue, So Here Are Some Of My Favorite Pitmasters Currently

This is something I've actually wanted to do for a while. The issue is that there have always been sports to watch and talk about, so I figured there just wasn't enough time or need to cover barbecue. But now that pretty much every major professional sports league has decided to suspend play and there aren't any sports to watch or talk about?  Well why not talk about a little bit of wood, fire and meat to pass the time?

I've been obsessed with barbecue for probably like a year and a half now. Philly isn't known for barbecue so growing up, it was never a part of my life besides grilling burgers on 4th of July. But ever since I got into it, I've been hooked. And the reason why I got hooked so easily is that there are some absolute beasts out there who are cranking out some unbelievable 'que. 

Most of it all started with Aaron Franklin. The moment that people started to catch on to what he could make out of a brisket and the way he was cooking, the barbecue renaissance was born and now there's this entire generation of pitmasters turning barbecue into absolute fucking art. Here are some of my favorites at the moment. 

Brendan Lamb - Smiley's BBQ - Dallas-Fort Worth

Bryan Furman - B's Cracklin' Barbecue - Atlanta

Brett Boren - Brett's Backyard Bar-B-Que - Rockdale, TX

Andrew Muñoz - Moo's Craft Barbecue - LA 

Matt Horn - Horn Barbecue - Bay Area

Just some absolute weapons. Each and every one of them. And obviously there are a ton of rockstars in Austin but I feel like most people who would be into barbecue enough to read this blog already know about the majority of the Austin guys (and girls). But yeah, now that it seems like there aren't going to be any sports to watch in the near future, this is what will be the majority of my obsession moving forward. Hope you guys are ready to want to eat through your screens.