Kyle Kuzma's Idiotic Take About Hand Sanitizer Now Makes A Lot More Sense

By now it's almost impossible to miss this blazing hot take from Vanessa Hudgens. It was basically this

but in real life. Well I couldn't help but think of something Kyle Kuzma put on his Instagram the other day. When you have no NBA basketball to think about you remember these kind of things

Another dumb dumb with a beyond stupid take about this issue on social media. Pretty sure hand sanitizer works Kyle, you moron. The reason this is such a big deal is because not enough people are using it. But anyway I got to thinking, as we know these two have started a little romance

and then it all made sense the sense in the world. Kyle Kuzma doesn't believe any of this bullshit, he's clearly just stuck in a situation where his girlfriend/hook up won't stop talking to him about coronavirus conspiracies or something along those lines. Maybe they got in a fight a few days ago about it and he needed to think quick and do something to show her that he was on her side. We've all been there. You're in a relationship with a smoke who says dumb shit that you end up fighting over, sometimes it's easier to just take their side and enjoy the make up sex. I imagine the make up sex with Vanessa Hudgens is pretty decent so I get what Kuzma was going for here. At least I hope that's what this is and Kyle Kuzma really isn't that braindead. 

This is a dude with 4.6M Instagram followers, so what better way in 2020 to show your girl she's right about coronavirus than to blast something like this out to the masses? She probably saw this post and flooded her apartment. I'll give Kuzma credit, he's played this situation perfectly. He caught wind of her attending his games, he shot his shot through Instagram comments, immediately met up with her in NYC and boom. Not even a big Laker hater like myself can hate on that.

So before you go clowning Kuzma for this awful take, understand why he did it. You have someone like this to be quarantined with you post whatever the hell is going to make her happy and you enjoy the benefits.