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The Coronavirus Has Spread To The Brooklyn Nets

Oh you thought maybe things were just going to be confined to the Jazz and Christian Wood of the Pistons? Nope. Woj is reporting 4 players on the Nets have now tested positive and frankly I have a hard time believing this will be the last tweet we get of more players being positive. Why is this scary? Well, the Nets haven't played the Jazz or Pistons or any of the other teams that have been linked to this virus recently. Here's their schedule dating back to the end of February

So yeah, who knows how many teams and players are actually positive. Then you have to think of all the planes they've been on and what other teams were on that same one, fans they may have high fived, their family/friends/etc. This is a much bigger issue than only 3 players testing positive. You now need to be thinking about every team on that screen shotted schedule and do the same thing. Think of all the people they may have come into contact with because there's no rhyme or reason to who is testing positive. All other Jazz were negative. All of the Raptors who played the Jazz were negative. Same I believe for the Celts who played UTA. But here's a team that didn't play the Jazz or Raptors or an infected team as far as we know and it didn't matter.

It's also being reported that three of the players are showing no symptoms. A similar situation to Donovan Mitchell and it gives you an idea how terrifying this really is. Who knows how long this has been transmitted from team to team and player to player and now that best case scenario of 3 months of hiatus seems even less likely. 

In a blink of an eye this is quickly turning into the worst case scenario for the NBA. How do you even come back for the playoffs unless you can be 10000000% sure no player is positive? There's what, 390 active NBA players? That's not counting coaches, trainers etc. All of the sudden we are going to have that many tests available? I never thought the season and playoffs would ever for real be cancelled, but unless you can get every single person/coach/whatever tested and they come back negative I don't know how you can start the games again whether it's the playoffs or not. 

If all of this hasn't been eye opening enough for you to just stay inside and wait this virus out, well then you're just a selfish asshole. I now have to consider the reality that the 2019-20 season might never come back and it's only Day 6 of this bullshit.