"Stop With The Word Play" Says Cam Newton, Completely Seriously As The Panthers Try To Trade Him

"Stop with the word play"!! I fucking love it. Not a drip of irony or sarcasm to be found from the man who writes in hieroglyphics. 

But yeah, looks like Cam's time in Carolina is all but over. He's going to blame the Panthers, they are going to blame him for being a looney tune, and both sides will move on. He likely didn't ask to be traded and the Panthers are moving on, and can you blame them? They are at a turning point, losing Rivera and a lot of the staff, they want to completely restart, and that means moving on without Cam.

Now obviously Cam has shown that he has every tool to be a great NFL quarterback, but man, he's turned into quite a headcase over the last few seasons. Something happened, yips-esque, that has completely changed how he plays the game. If he can work on his mentals and get back to where he needs to be, then obviously he'd be an upgrade for most teams. But if he can't get his mentals together than whatever team is trading for him is in for a headache.

Is Cam to the Pats a possibility? Sure! Let's get nuts! I would love Dave and Cam to be bffs. Texting each other like crazy people back and forth. Shit, maybe they'll bring back AB too. That is my dream. Just a complete shit show up in New England and Belichick trying to babysit everyone all at once while still going 13-3. It could happen.