Feminists Gripe About How Naked Lady Tees Promote Violence Against Women




Metro- Outlets selling naked lady golf tees have been criticised over claims they promote violence against women… [A] spokesman for Inter Sport in Lewes explained why the store is not going to remove them. He said: ‘We have stocked these for about ten years as a novelty item which is bought by a lot of wives for their husbands at Christmas time. ‘A regular customer took offence to them 18 months ago so we took them off prominent display and put them behind some balls. ‘They used to sell really well but we don’t sell many now because of where we moved them to. ‘We are not going to take them off display. We’ve only had two complaints in ten years. If we had regular complaints or the company withdrew them, then we would respond.’

Yes, I know this story has been blogged around the Stoolosphere already.  But there’s no way I can just sit still and allow these rookies from Iowa or wherever to let low hanging fruit like this die on the vine without making the obvious reference.  I mean, how can you not mention that Naked these things have been around forever?  That there was once a magical time called The Eighties, when the world was filled with oranges balls, boxes of Naked Lady Tees and the worst looking hats you ever saw that you got with a free bowl of soup (looks good on you though)?  I don’t know what’s sadder.  That feminists are up in their hairy arms about a joke/novelty item that’s been around for forty years or that these Stoolie whippersnappers can’t quote the best sports comedy of all time.  Either way I weep for my country.  @JerryThornton1