The Only March Madness Left: Barstool Best Bar

There are no sports left. They are all canceled. March Madness? Canceled. NBA? Canceled. Where are you going to get your March Madness in? Oh, I don't know, maybe the Barstool Best Bar competition. 

Just a reminder, here is the bracket, because you may have missed it while the country was falling apart the past few days:

The 1st round voting has begun thanks to GrubHub. If you are having a watch party anytime soon, you can rely on GrubHub for catering options. Catering has never been easier. If you would like to start voting, the instructions are as follows:

After talking with my sources, here are the early results:

-ECU (Sup Dogs) is up on Virginia tech. No surprise there for the reigning national champs. 

-Penn State (Champs) is up early on Kansas State. Again, no surprise there. Penn State is looking for revenge in 2020 as Sup Dogs beat them out last year. 

-A new contender? North Dakota is looking good against Texas State. 

Voting is open all the way through tomorrow. So, get your votes in. This is the only March Madness you've got.

GrubHub is also offering you the ability to place an extra vote if you order through them using your schools special code: