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Breaking News: Bieber Arrested For Assault In Ontario After Crashing His ATV Into A Minivan and then Beating the Fuck out of the Minivan Driver



CTVNEWS - Justin Bieber has been charged with assault and dangerous driving after he was arrested Friday near his hometown of Stratford, Ont. Ontario Provincial Police were called to the scene of a collision between a minivan and an All-Terrain Vehicle on Line 40, east of Road 106, in the Township of Perth shortly before 3 p.m. Friday. “Investigation revealed that after colliding, the driver of the ATV and an occupant of the minivan engaged in a physical altercation,” said an OPP news release. Bieber, 20, identified as a resident of Calabasas, Calif., has been charged with dangerous driving and assault.


The Bad Boy of Rock N Roll strikes again! Has the internet ever put a worse beatdown than it has on poor Big Cat this week? Everything he’s been arguing with me for the past year just blowing up in his face left and right. He’s literally wrong about everything and I’m right about everything.  It’s amazing.  First Bitchface is caught sexting nudes. Then to redeem himself yesterday he posts the picture of Bieber riding bitch with Selena on his ATV. Unfortunately for him immediately after riding bitch he proceeded to rawdog Selena and then grabbed the wheel and played chicken with a minivan and then whooped some ass. It’s EXACTLY what I said about Bieber in my rant a few days ago. This is what makes him so electric. He goes from riding bitch on his ATV to getting arrested for running a minivan off the road and then assaulting the driver in a heartbeat. The Bad Boy of Rock N Roll indeed!