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How Much Would You Pay To Watch A Movie That's Supposed To Be In Theaters OnDemand?

You may have heard, but corona is decimating the entertainment industry. Sports went first and now movies are getting fucked. It's reminded me of a scenario I've been dreaming up ever since I heard that Red Dead Redemption 2 made SEVEN HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE MILLION DOLLARS on its opening weekend. How much would you pay for movies in your home right away? Basically you get to OnDemand anything in theaters?

I said hundred bucks. To me that makes sense. There are tons of movies that I kinda wanna see but don't feel like putting pants on and walking a few blocks to do it, if I'm gonna spend 35 bucks for a movie and snacks I'd rather pay the extra 65 and just do it in my home. Don't get me wrong, there are lots of movies I'd still go see in a theater just because that's the kinda movie it is, namely the three cited at the top of this blog, but sometimes there are movies it'd just be better to watch from the couch. 

Some folks might think 100 is steep, but it's basically a pay per view fight. Have friends over and make a party of it. I'd pay 100 to watch alone because I'm weird and don't really understand the concept of money, so if I'm not actually using a card then I didn't actually spend it. But 100 is more than fair. I had jabronis saying 20 bucks when that's what it costs to go see a movie or buy one after it's already been released in theaters. Twenty is a bozo number for this hypothetical experiment. 

And guess what? This makes sense for the movie industry too. I guarantee people would see a lot more movies that are meh if you could buy it on your TV. I know Red Dead is supposed to be one of the best games ever (I bought it and played for 5 minutes, I couldn't figure out how to get past the first house or whatever it is, idk I wiped sucking at video games from my memory) but ig that's doing three quarters of a billion dollars on opening weekend then movies would crush. 

Especially now, seeing as everyone is scared to leave their house. I always swore if I went to prison I'd just do pushups and get jacked, but if I got quarantined with all brand new movies then I'd say fuck pushups and binge. Do the right thing, Hollywood. Times of economic turmoil are the time to get rich, make it happen.