Get Quarantined With "Memento" (FULL MOVIE)

We're living in a tough world today. A lot of us are boarded up at home in self-quarantine, anxiously thinking of things to keep our mind occupied without sports. Everywhere you turn it's Corona this Corona that. Well have no fear because I'm loading up on a double feature Friday that's sure to kill some time and keep you happy. Just earlier today we had a dynamite cult classic in Donnie Darko, widely considered one of the best independent movies of all time.

And now we get to follow it up with yet another independent classic, Memento. 

Written and directed by acclaimed filmmaker Christopher Nolan, Memento (94% Rotten Tomatoes, 8.4 IMDB) tells the story of a broken man literally trying to piece together his life after the brutal murder of his beloved life. It's a clever and insightful look at the postmodern condition of society with a fucking bad ass ending. The pacing alone is worth the price of admission with Guy Pearce pumping out a performance for the ages. Only question is will he even remember it? 

Tune in to find out. 

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