Kevin Hayes Is The Mayor Of Philly, Out Here Pouring The Beer Named After Him To Local Constituents

Outside of a Batman villain in the first 2/3 of any movie, I can't think of anyone who has taken over a city quite as quickly as The Best One has taken over Philly. Sure, the original signing was met with plenty of idiots in this city complaining about an overpayment but those are the some jerkoffs who call into 94.1WIP every morning to bitch about not keeping Nick Foles. They just set themselves up to look like total jackasses on a daily basis. And Kevin Hayes had made each and every single one of them look like the biggest bozos on the planet now that he has his own beer with Yards, the biggest brewery in Philly at least as far as name goes. 

Not only does he have a beer named after him but as far as I can tell, Kevin Hayes is the only human in history who can get away with publicly being a Boston fan right in the face of Philadelphians without it sending the entire city into a chaotic angry mob. Wearing a Red Sox hoodie at Yards...

Wearing a Pats hat at Angelo's...

I mean these are Philadelphia staples, and Kevin Hayes is out here looking like an extra from The Fighter. But he's the mayor now and can do whatever he wants. Typically this type of behavior would result in a bunch of 10-year-olds chucking batteries at you but not KPH. It probably helps that the Eagles beat the Pats in Super Bowl LII but still. This is the sign of a true King in his city. The normal rules of society simply do not apply to him. He's The Best One for a reason. 

P.S. - Hayesy will always be a Philly sports legend for dunking on that dork Carchidi like this.