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Frank The Tank Officially Canceled Lent, So Here's Italian Smoke Diletta Leotta Cooking Lasagna For Everyone

You hear that folks, Lent is canceled! Done! Finished! Frank the Tank said so. Now, I have questions - did ... did Frank give up Hamburger Helper for Lent? That alone is fucking hilarious just thinking about that. However, in these trying times we gotta get back to our roots. Sports and smut. Who better than Diella Leotta, an Italian soccer TV host who is an absolute rocket. I figured it Frank is canceling Lent and eating Hamburger Helper, we should look for dinner ideas. How about lasagna? 

Leotta made news in 2019 when she told off a crowd who kept yelling at her to take her boobs out. 

Oh she also says everything she does goes viral. . Probably because she has 6 million Instagram followers. That just shows how crazy soccer is in Europe. There’s no doubt she’d have a bunch of followers regardless, but the fact she covers Serie A soccer just adds to it. Probably also helps she’s an absolute smoke

What was the point of this? Oh right, lasagna for dinner. Just throwing out some ideas for what people should eat tonight.