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Italian Reporter Shuts Down An Entire Crowd Of Soccer Fans Who Wouldn't Stop Yelling At Her To Take Her Boobs Out

Source - Italian TV presenter Diletta Leotta shut down boisterous soccer fans without even opening her mouth.

After some supporters of the Napoli football club got a bit rowdy during an outing at Stadio San Paolo, where they allegedly chanted, “get your t–s out,” Leotta replied to the remarks by wagging her finger and giving a thumbs down.

A social media sensation, Diletta Leotta boasts over 4.5 million followers on Instagram. The broadcaster, who works for DAZN Italia and Radio 105, also studied law at Luiss University in Rome, graduating in 2015.

Here’s the video.

And the translation of the caption.

“At the Naples-Brescia match in San Paolo, influential presenter Diletta Leotta was the target of sexist songs.
‘Fuori le tette, fuori le tette, …’ ‘Show breasts,’ they sing…” 

Whatever they said, Diletta Leotta handled it like a true professional. A simple thumbs down and the entire crowd shut right the fuck up. I’m sure she’s used to getting hit on by creeps all the time considering she has 4.5 MILLION followers on Instagram, but the video still makes you feel bad for her. Imagine if something like this happened to a guy? Some male reporter walks in front of a crowd and everyone starts yelling at him to take his cock out? You can’t. It’s unfathomable.

Regardless, those fans should be ashamed of themselves. The good news is, if Diletta ever gets sick of reporting she can always fall back on her Instagram business which is BOOMING. Most of her posts get around half a million likes.

With that many eyeballs she could make some serious dough.  If I were her, I’d have a fit tea in my hand in every post. Anyway, best of luck to Diletta and hopefully she doesn’t have to deal with this crap anymore.