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Absolute Domination. And Somehow That Wizards Team Is Down 3-2 To That Pacers Team.

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Holy shit, you guys. Pure domination like we saw all of round 1 vs the Bulls and in game 1 vs the Pacers. Completely emasculated the Pacers. Gortat was an absolute animal out there. Not even sure how the Pacers bigs can look at themselves in the mirror ever again. Gortat lit them on fire to the tune of 31 points and 16 boards. Hibbert remembered the entire city ran a train on his girl, and had 4 points and 2 rebounds. What a fucking loser. And John Wall had his best game of the series, was confident in his shot, and finished with 27 points, including 3/6 from 3.

The Wizards out hustled, out played, and just out manned the Pacers. A total beatdown. Final rebound numbers: Wizards 62, Pacers 23. The Wiz had 19 turnovers, some of them horrific, and it didn’t even matter.

What’s crazy is the Wizards are still down 3-2 in this series. Oh, to have last game back. What a complete meltdown that was. If the Pacers win the series, they have less than a 1% chance of beating the Heat.

Game six is Thursday back in DC.

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