Trey Mancini Had Surgery To Remove A Malignant Tumor From His Colon

What a kick in the stomach here. After announcing last Saturday that Trey Mancini would be leaving the team for a non-baseball surgical procedure, the Orioles announced today that Trey had surgery to remove a malignant tumor from his colon. They said it was found during a colonoscopy last week and there is no real timetable for his return. Unreal, one day you're mashing balls in Spring Training, and the next day you're told you have a tumor. There isn't any rush for him to come back because who gives a shit about baseball or sports right now. The main focus is for Trey to get back to feeling normal, not baseball normal, just normal. A 27-year-old  having a tumor removed from his body in the peak of his career should never happen. I feel terrible for Trey, he's been good to me and my family for years. He's a big stoolie who once told me it was his dream to be on Barstool when he was playing in the Cape Cod league. Even if he was a terrible baseball player (he's not), I'd stick up for him because of the kind of guy that he is. No one deserves to go through shit like this, especially a guy who thinks puts other people before himself.

He does a ton of charity work in Baltimore, including with everyone's favorite teenage, Mo. If you don't know the story of Mo Gaba, look it up. I can't imagine the mental toll that this takes on a 27-year-old coming off his best major league season. Get well soon, Trey. We're all thinking about you! Fuck you, malignant tumor.