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Commence The Bender: Syracuse University Has Transitioned To All Online Classes Moving Forward Because Of The Coronavirus Outbreak

And there it is. My beloved Syracuse University has transitioned to all online classes because of the threat of the coronavirus. Fucking crazy. Students are actually expected to attend classes for the rest of the week (probably so that the virus can spread a little more) and then head off for Spring Break. They're being told to not return to campus until at least the 30th. When everyone is supposed to be starting back up on the 23rd that will be when online classes begin. 

This whole year has been flipped upside down. I'm not sure there has ever been a weirder year to be a Syracuse student in its history. Remember last November when 10+ hate crimes took place on campus and that horrifying white supremacist manifesto was airdropped to the library? I mean what the fuck was that? 

Now we've got coronavirus taking down in-person classes. Imagine you've got a spring break trip planned out with all of your buddies? Do you still go on that? What if you're studying abroad? Chaos. 

A question I think everyone is wondering I'm is do you stay at home after spring break is done or do you come back to drink and party? I'm kind of torn at what I'd want to do. The 26 year old in me who sat in bed at 8:00 PM last night debating whether to fall asleep or go grocery shopping says to stay at home because my life is washed up and I can't do benders anymore without crippling my body. That's just because I'm lazy and the thought of drinking back to back to back nights makes my liver want to stop functioning. If your a college student please ignore that paragraph I just wrote. 

Thinking back to 21 year old me I'd imagine this is going to be pretty sweet time be a college student and go nuts assuming you can avoid the coronavirus. Especially if you're a senior. You only get one college experience. I wouldn't want anything stopping me from finishing that out. Again, I'm not a student there right now so it's tough to gauge the room, but it'd be pretty brutal to spend your final months in college at home with your parents. I'd be about to start an epic bender and if I die I die. If the world is ending then there's nothing you can do about it anyways. 

In terms of school work and grades this is awesome news to everyone. Sure there's no office hours which help a lot, but every test is going to be online where you can work in groups to all get As on. I guess the shittiest part is you'll actually have to do the reading since professors and TAs won't be able to tell you what's going on in class. Maybe your professor will record a video for every lesson? They're certainly getting paid enough to give that effort you would think. Either way, everyone's grades should go up unless you just don't have a brain. I didn't take many online classes as a student, but I did get an A in the history of the Underground Railroad my senior year. Also learned that the underground railroad wasn't actually a railroad underground. Knowledge!

Either way this is wild. Harvard pretty much just did the same exact thing today and told everyone to move out for the year in 5 days. New Jersey colleges like Monmouth University and Princeton are doing the same. This is becoming very real very quickly. Stay safe, wash your hands, and try to have a good time while you can.