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The Reasons That ESPN Is Now Giving For LeBron To Be The MVP Is Pure Insanity

Last week Coley took some time out of prepping to bring a life into this world to write this fantastic blog about the MVP race that I highly suggest you read if you haven't already

Well, after a big weekend for the Lakers, the LeBron narrative has reached even new heights. There's no denying that LeBron has closed the gap, it's no longer a Giannis runaway MVP, but holy shit has ESPN taken it up a notch. That clip above is from today's The Jump and I almost don't know what's worse. The fact that people are STILL using Kobe's tragic death as a way to bolster LeBron's season which is absolutely disgusting, or the fact that now they are trying to say one of the reasons he's the MVP because of how he.......handled China?????

Oh you mean that complete self inflicted disaster? Gotcha. On what planet does that make any fucking sense? The fact that he backs that up by saying Giannis hasn't had to deal with those same issues is beyond insulting. Everyone was impacted by the loss of Kobe. Who is this dude to say it was harder for LeBron than Giannis and that's why he deserves the MVP? He said it with a straight face too! It got better. A big part of Coley's blog was the fact that LeBron hasn't even been the best Laker. That nod goes to Anthony Davis, a player that the Bucks most certainly do not have. Well....

I'm sorry, what planet am I on? Now LeBron should be given credit in the MVP race because he got a player to join the Lakers who has played well? That is some ALL TIME Klutch spinzone. Didn't we hate on previous MVPs that played on super teams because they had other stars around them? Now because LeBron brought in AD and AD is doing AD things that means LeBron should be the MVP? I'm confused. How is that more impressive than Giannis helping get the most out of his lesser teammates in what has been a historic season for the Bucks? This is the problem with this whole narrative campaign. LeBron has been beyond incredible this entire season, there's no denying that. He very well may end up the MVP if the Lakers find a way to match the Bucks record and he keeps up this level of play. But it's so fucking pathetic and a huge disservice to what he is ACTUALLY doing on the basketball court by coming up with this sort of bullshit as to why he should be the MVP. There are what, 18 games left? It's still too early in my opinion. Look at how LeBron made this a tight race in just a matter of days. Who is to say Giannis can't do the same? 

We've seen what a good narrative can do for the MVP race, that's not exactly new. But holy shit are things getting so pathetic when it comes to trying to make a case for LeBron. I honestly don't think I've seen anything like it.