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Dr. Creepy Just Redefined The Creepy Hug Game Hugging Jon Lester Goodbye




Hey Dr. Creepy have a creepier hug.   You can’t.  Seriously this hug is so Dr. Creepy it hurts.   I just hope he didn’t creep out Jon Lester too much when he whispered in his ear that he’ll see him in November.    Just play it cool Creepy.  Play it cool.


PS – I’d pay a bizillion internet dollars to see a Dr. Creepy Linda Pizzuti sex tape.     It’s got to be the most fascinating sex tape of all time.   Granted I’m still not buying they actually ever fucked because I think all Creepy’s bones would break Mr. Burns style, but if they did I’d love to see how it actually worked.  Not to jerk off but more just scientifically speaking.   And yes I know she had a kid, but it easily could be somebody elses or artificially inseminated.  I just don’t see Creepy having the chops to actually lay pipe.