Leo Allegedly Started Clapping When Orlando Bloom Took A Swing At the Beibs





Dailymail - The eyewitness who took a video of Orlando Bloom throwing a punch at Justin Bieber has said that it wasn’t their only scuffle on the night – and that the actor was being cheered on by his A-list pals at the time. She told The Mirror, that the Pirates of The Caribbean actor threw more than one punch at pop singer Justin, much to the delight of fellow diners, which happened to include Leonardo DiCaprio, Lindsay Lohan and P Diddy on the night. ‘Justin said something when he came in which was aimed at Orlando, who then jumped onto a sofa to try and get at Justin.’ she recalls.She added to the Daily Mirror: ‘When Orlando punched Bieber, everyone started clapping. Lindsay was laughing. It was amazing. The whole table he and DiCaprio were on were clapping. Afterwards, I don’t know if people were congratulating Orlando or trying to calm him down.

Listen everybody knows that both Bieber and Leo are my boys and that this isn’t their first scuffle.  In fact I’ve already discussed why Leo hates Bieber so this story shouldn’t be remotely surprising.  As I previously said it’s because they are in totally different partying leagues. Biebs is like a thug life partier. Leo is a classy partier. They both go about their business in different ways. Leo doesn’t need any of that shit. He’s next level. It doesn’t make one right or one wrong. They are just different. It doesn’t take away from the fact that Biebs is still a force of nature. It doesn’t change the fact he still fucked Adriana Lima in Cannes. Chicks love the bad boy. But if I was Leo I wouldn’t want a shirtless 20 year old rolling in my crew, competing for chicks making a scene either.

More importantly I want to know how do I get on this international party circuit?   I swear everytime Bieber gets in a dust up Leo is there. Everytime Leo does something newsworthy Bieber is there. You got Diddy and Lohan in the room too. It’s like these people just travel from one exotic location to the next fucking supermodels and getting in squirt gun fights. I need to live this life. Like sure sitting in my dingy office charting trading deadline moves is fun and shit, but I want to rumble with Orlando Bloom. I want to sip cocktails with Leo. I want to put my dick inside Victoria secret models.  Because to quote Kriss Cross..Warm it up Kris I’m about to…Warm it up Kris cause that’s what I was born to do.