Sox Rent Lester To The A's For Yoenis Céspedes (And Jonny Gomes Was A Throw In)



LOVE IT!  Literally can’t like this move any more.   Cespedes has the chance to be a legit superstar.   He’s got pop coming out of his ears.     Will be a routine 30-120 HR guy at Fenway.   And what did it take to get him?  Renting out Jon Lester for 2 months.  BRILLIANT MOVE!    I honestly couldn’t have handpicked a better team to trade Lester to either.  The A’s don’t have the money to sign him long term.  There is no trickery going on here.  The A’s know it’s a rental.  The Sox know it’s a rental.  And most importantly Lester knows it’s a rental.   Bottomline is that anybody who doesn’t think Jon Lester will be wearing a Red Sox uniform next year is a pea brain plain and simple.  What a day to be a Red Sox fan!  Only thing that could be better would be being in contention.  But you can’t win every year and when you don’t you might as well swindle the rest of MLB and load up for the future.

PS – I’m not going to reblog what I wrote 3 days ago for all the idiots who think he’s gone, but here it is.   Do me a favor and read a book one time….

In case you missed my blog on why Lester will be here next year here it is.



BREAKING NEWS:  - A baseball just flew threw my window that Cespedes hit 2 days ago in Houston!