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Reader Email - My Roomates Sister Did Not Appreciate Me Saying She Looked Like She Could Use A Dick In Her Mouth



Reader Email

Hey guys,

Wanted to pass this note along to show 1. How much of a pussy one of my roommates is, and 2. How much more of a pussy (and psycho) his sister is.

Very brief summary of the events that took place.

I get home from bar hammered
I notice random girl passed out on my couch
I send the following text message to 4 of the other guys that I live with:




Pretty harmless message I thought, just trying to figure out who this rando is passed out on my couch. Little did I know where it would lead…


First I see this response to the text message I sent when I wake up in the morning:




I opt not to respond to this for the time being. Then I find this hand written letter slid under my bedroom door:




Have I ever heard of rape before? Is this girl serious?

After I stop laughing about how ridiculous this is, I find out that all of the other guys I live with found the same exact hand written note slid under their doors when they woke up.

This girl hand wrote 5 separate notes word for word exactly the same and proceeded to cover all her bases by making sure all of us were aware of her thoughts on the text.

So the real question here is, who is the bigger pussy? The roommate – for whatever fucking reason – actually telling and showing his sister the text message or the girl for having the biggest overreaction in history?

Squid City. Population = this guy


Unreal story all the way around. Just unreal. My first question is are you friends with this roommate? Like real friends? You can’t be right? There is just no way this can go down like this with a real friend. It can’t. I mean how fucking crazy is this dude to show this text to his sister? Like he already won when he answered “my sister.”   He already dropped an awkward atomic bomb all over the joint. Shrapnel and blood everywhere. That should have been the end of it. Just no rational explanation why you would show your sister a text that says “Who is the chick who looks like she needs a dick in her mouth”. So creepy. It’s like the beginning on incest porn or something.

So as far as the girls reaction goes, I don’t judge girls anymore. Girls be crazy. That’s part of their charm.  Total wildcards.  No way to predict how they’ll react.  This is ALL on the roommate who showed his sister a text that said she looked like she could use a dick in her mouth in the first place. I still can’t believe that part happened. But once it did all bets are off. You be dealing with a crazy ass family so nothing would surprise me at that point.