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The Flow Must Go On: The Minnesota State High School All Hockey-Hair Team Came Back Out Of Retirement Better Than Brett Favre Could Ever Dream Of

**Jordie's Disclaimer: Yes, this is a shameless repost from yesterday's blog. Lettuce this crisp is much too silky to just get stuck on the weekend shift. Also there's shit else going on today.**


Thick, luscious, crispy, silky news as the Minnesota State High School All Hockey-Hair Team hopped right back over the boards for another shift. The only thing I think could have been more devastating than learning that last year was supposedly going to be the last of these videos is if we got news that Jaromir Jagr had been wearing a wig his entire career. I realize that all great things must come to an end at some point but I think the All Hockey-Hair Team has managed to break the system on that one. The Flow Must Go On and as long as there's lettuce out there buzzing around the ice, the salad bar can stay open for the rest of eternity. 

Not only did this year's video come back with the force of a thousand mullets, but they also raised a cool 25k for the Hendrickson Foundation. Unreal flow raising funds for a great cause. Mark that down as things you truly just love to see. 

So go grab a few bottles of Newman's Own and soak it in, boys. Another legendary year of the Flow Show is officially in the books, and all is right in the world again. 

P.S. - Obviously the flow is the headliner at the Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament but even when the boys have their buckets on and tuck that salad away, it's a full blown beauty fest out there. 


P.P.S. - If any of you are interested in donating to the Hendrickson Foundation, here's the GoFundMe set up by the legend behind this video. DONATE HERE