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Introducing The WORST Call In The History Of Sports Talk Radio

Push play on the tweet above.  I had to share this with the masses because I am completely totally FLABBERGASTED with what I just heard.  But first, in case you missed it, here is the semi-transcribed Tweet version of the entire call:

My god in heaven!!!!  How can ANY Sox fan on the planet not be happy with the Sale (and Q) trade(s) at this point?  I mean I get becoming attached to a particular player, and in this case a star, on your favorite team.  It's human nature and we're all guilty of it... but all good things eventually come to an end and Sale's career on the south side came to and end.  Eventually we all remember we root for the name on the front of the jersey and not on the back.  Yoan Moncada turned into a star before our eyes last year and still has room left to grow.  Anyone with eyeballs knows that, even this guy.  I refuse to believe he's actually that stupid.  Dense? Yes, absolutely.  Stupid?  Impossible.  Shoutout to Joe O and formerly Chris Rongey of 670 The Score for dealing with idiots like this on a nightly basis.  

Oh, and that's exactly why I invented the #banned from the White Sox bandwagon list:

But I do kinda respect the high levels of pettiness this cock sucker from Bridgeport has.  Like holy Jesus he will never forgive Reinsdorf, Williams and Hahn for making that trade, not over his dead body.  I'm a HUGE grudge guy and I don't hold a goddamn candle to this dude.  It's truly incredible.

NOW WITH THAT SAID - I've seen a LOT of Red Sox fans on Twitter saying how the Red Sox got fleeced in the Sale trade after news broke about Moncada's extension yesterday.  This is ALL it boils down to:

The Red Sox won a World Series with Chris Sale on the mound.  They accomplished exactly what they were trying to do when they made that trade.  The White Sox?  Yeah they're looking great too.  There does NOT have to be a winner or a loser in every trade.  At this very point in time, both organizations are exceedingly happy with the results just over 3 years later.  The Sox have a star in Moncada that they're building around through 2025, a stud starting pitcher with Noah Syndergaard type shit to anchor their rotation, and another guy I'm still very high on that will debut and could turn into a good big league player in Luis Basabe.  

How can anyone be pissy about this?  And I'm talking from both fanbases.  You can't talk about Sale's extension either - that has not one single thing to do with the original trade.  I mean think about it, it could have been worse… the Sox received Eloy and Cease for Quintana.  

Thanks Cubs!

Now THAT is a trade to bitch about if you're a Cubs fan or if you're a complete and total meathead asshole like Michael in Bridgeport is.

It's going to be an awesome fucking summer for Sox fans.  Get me to opening day!  I just decided as I type this very sentence that I'm going to start including this at the end of every White Sox blog for the rest of summer:

Tim Anderson, 2024
Eloy Jimenez, 2026
Luis Robert, 2027
Dylan Cease, 2025
Andrew Vaughn, (probably) 2029
Michael Kopech, 2025
Aaron Bummer, 2026
Yoan Moncada, 2025
Nick Madrigal, (probably) 2027
Lucas Giolito, 2023

What a fucking core!!!  #PlayoffsOrDieBitches