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There's Nothing More Electrifying In Sports Than A Walk-Off Runback In Curling. Sorrey For Stating The Facts

Earlier in the week I blogged about this absolute piss missile of a match-winning runback from Team Saskatchewan. It took heart, it took touch, and it took a serious set of stones. 

Well since blogging about that shot, I've found myself getting the curling itch. I think I'm all the way in at this point. And by all the way in I mean at least for the next few days. That's typically the way my brain works. I find something that I get obsessive about for like 13 days tops and then I move on to the next thing. But at least for now, I've got a solid 9 or 10 days left of being obsessed with curling. And I'll tell you what--a walk-off runback in curling might just bring the most BDE out of any play in sports. 


Fuck yeah, boys. I mean what a shot. Needed to get those 3 reds allllllll the way the fuck out of there with the game on the line and buddy delivers big time. And staying in the same tournament we had this snipe show from the Manitoba boys ferda win. 

Team 'Toba just out there getting it done. Down 2 on the 10th and final stone. You think they give a damn? Not a chance, bud. The Manitoba Miracle waits for no one. They just had to show those beach bums from PEI how the mainlanders do it. 

So now it looks like my weekend will consist of slamming back a few double doubles from Timmy's and being locked in on the rest of the tournament. I think I have to keep riding with the wild card Team 'Toba boys. Seems like a squad full of beauts.