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It Takes A Serious Set Of Stones To Pull Off This Total Snipe Show Of A Curling Shot

Dirty fuckin' dangles, boys. 

10th end. Down by 3. Need to find a way to get 4 for the win and these absolute beauticians from Saskatchewan do the damn thing. 

It takes a sick son of a bitch to even think of hitting that shot in the first place, then it takes a man with some massive massive stones to go ahead and actually execute it. Stones are in Matt Dunstone's last name so it makes sense. The man is out here curling with a total wrench. 

ABP is currently blaming the pattern of his pants. It's just an optical illusion. 

I know that everyone loves their favorite curlers to just be out there crushing an endless amount of pizza and beer, but when the boys are buzzin? I think we can enjoy that just as much as teams showing up too drunk to play. And these good ol' boys from Saskatchewan are a goddamn swarm of bees.