Big Shout Out To This Chick Chugging Her Entire Glass Of Wine Behind Nick Nurse And The Raptors Bench

What a move. Oh, we only have 3:51 left in the 4th quarter there may be time for one more drink? Hold on a second, let me just finish this quick. She chugged that glass of wine, which is probably like $30 at a Warriors game with ease. Nothing but respect for the best NBA fan in the world. 

Remember last year in the playoffs when every athlete seemed to start chugging in the stands? Aaron Rodgers could barely take a sip. I hope this now turns into random people sitting in the front row just chugging wine late in games. Oh you think Steph coming back was the story last night? Not so fast. Not with this gal in the stands. 

You can see her thought process too. 'Ah, I don't know if I want to. I might not have another one tonight.'

'Okay fine. No one is really paying attention anyways.' 

'That was easy. Yep, I'll have another.' 

I don't think the guy next to her had any idea what to expect. Just a perfect video, especially when you watch Nick Nurse's reaction to the game as this all goes on. Shout out this wine chugging queen.