Why Is LeBron Instagramming About Farts And Shit?

Very philosophical, Bron. Thanks for spreading the good word. Got any more 2008 memes for the boys? Next time he has a little too much vino after the game, how about a "With Great Power Comes A Great Electricity Bill"? That'll rack up the likes from people born between 1900 and 1910.

I cannot believe LeBron James is 35 years old and posting fart jokes. What a weird ass move. But I guess this is how you know LeBron runs his own account. He posts the absolute dumbest shit all the time. Like what the fuck is this? This once again goes to show that if LeBron weren't genetically made in a laboratory about 25 miles outside of Cleveland to be the best basketball player to ever walk on this Earth, he would be a complete loser. I know you're a father of three and all, but you're about 20 years too young to be posting a dad joke like this. This meme is either something that a 55 year old shares on Facebook, or it's a picture that a 6th grade kid would put on their Instagram because their parents won't let them post pictures of themselves yet. This cannot be something that an NBA superstar puts on his feed. LeBron James is the corniest motherfucker alive.....he's just he's 6'9 250 and can jump over the moon, so people tolerate him.

Nothing surprises me at all anymore with this guys social media activity though. Not after this:

Sheeeeeeeesh. A year later I still cannot believe he sat there and recorded that entire Instagram story with guests in front of him. Kings Stay Kings.