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Justin Bieber Has Now Been Promoted As The CEO Of The Dangle Factory And He's Saucing Up Goalies Like A Lunatic

It was just a few short weeks ago when Justin Bieber was named the new manager at the Dangle Factory. 


But things move quickly in this world and after just about 3 weeks as manager, we have no other choice but to promote The Biebs to CEO. I mean do you see these filthy mitts????

Humming his way down the ice like he's Frank The Tank making a ham&cheese sandwich. Couple of quick leg lifts. Then goes tweener, kisses the pipe and then you can go ahead and pull that puck from the back of the net. What a beautician. It doesn't matter that the goalie was playing the Biebs softer than if this were in Russia and Putin himself was buzzing down on a breakaway. Dirty dangles are dirty dangles. I like to call Justin Bieber "Genghis Khan" because my guy is in charge of the Silk Road. 

Sidenote: This video stinks, sure. But it's great to see that Bieber finally ripped the cage off of his bucket. It was impossible to take the guy seriously when he was looking dustier than a mites house team out there. No cage, no visor, no problem. Next step for Bieber would be to just go full no bucky warmies to achieve ultimate beauty status.