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Are Ria & Ellie The 2 Biggest Perverts Inside HQ3? Their Reaction To "THE VIDEO" Points To *YES*

There's no doubt that Ria & Ellie are 2 of the most talented, creative, driven, and successful workers we have here at HQ3. They've built their own distinctive brands, dabbled in gaming domination, and are entering SUPERSTAR status on TikTok through ST6... HOWEVA,

After watching their reactions to "THAT VIDEO" above, it seems that they're also massive perverts as well? Keep in mind this is a video that made EVERYONE in HQ3 react in ways I haven't seen in years. Feits puking for the 1st time since Grit Week 1, Kayce hiding under the desk, Frankie shrieking himself into another dimension. 

As the kids say, 2 prolapsed assholes sensually getting rubbed/fisted for minutes it hits DIFFERENT. I would give our fearless chicks a hat tip for their unexpected efforts but the office is taking awhile to digest all this information properly. Feits is disgusted, Frankie is in more shock now than yesterday!


You learn something new everyday, even when you really don't want too. Credit to all that boisterous laughter from them though, I haven't seen anyone here cry from laughing in a long long time. 

Maybe "THAT VIDEO" is a gift after all? 


(video is inside the comment section here for any remaining demented sick fucks out there)