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Ya Gotta Love Pete Alonso Dropping An F-Bomb And Dom Smith Busting JD Davis' Balls About The Astros Cheating Scandal While Mic'd Up For Today's Spring Training Game

So THAT'S why Major League Baseball cockteases us with mic'd up players during Spring Training, waits for the entire internet to swoon about how much they love them, then instantly shuts it down the moment the games start mattering. I thought it was just because MLB hated things like fun and sharable moments.

To be fair to Pete though, what did the censors think was going to happen when you mic up a guy who turned a wholesome 50+ year old phrase like Lets Go Mets into Lets Fucking Go Mets in less than a season? The Polar Bear does not follow the silly rules of man. He does what he wants when he wants to do it. If he sees a baseball, he is going to hit it out of the ballpark as fast as possible. If he sees a teammate celebrating a walk-off hit, he is going to tear that teammates shirt off no matter how embarrassing his new tattoo may be. And if he sees a way to wedge a hard F-word into a conversation, he is going to do it no matter what the censors say. 

Not to be outdone, Pete's fellow first baseman (turned outfielder) Dom Smith brought joy to the broadcast that he usually does in the locker room.

After listening to Dom on the mic, I wouldn't trade him for anybody, including Mike Trout. Okay, Brodie can ship Dom out for Mike Trout. But I'd have to be blown away to move him for anyone else.

I am truly not ready for another rollercoaster Mets season to begin but goddamn am I happy to have Pete Alonso and the fellas back in my life again.