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Brazilian Gaming Smoke Didn't Ship Items Bought From Her Online Store And Was Sentenced To...116 Years In Prison?!?!?

Dextero - Former Brazilian CSGO pro Shayene ‘shAy’ Victorio has reportedly been sentenced to 116 years in jail after being convicted of larceny and embezzlement charges relating to a business she and her ex-partner ran during 2013-2017. shAy, who was active in CS:GO from 2008-2019 and played a key part in the rise of female Counter-Strike in Brazil, has been convicted to 116 years in prison, according to reports from Brazilian media. The Public Ministry of the State of São Paulo alleged shAy helped run an online retail store, failing to deliver on promises to customers to deliver goods. The court heard reports from 118 victims, who were allegedly scammed from 2013-2017.  

116 years?!?!  Sweet Jesus.  I'm not saying defrauding over 100 customers on a couple t-shirts and promises is defensible.  It's not. But to be sentenced over a century?  I'm not too sure the punishment fits the crime here. It's not like she swatted someone for trying to illegally watch an amateur boxing match. I've learned through Locked Up Abroad and looking at the "Water" people competed in during the the '16 Rio Olympics that Brazil doesn't fuck around...but this confirms even more that Brazil really doesn't fuck around.  

shAy has the right to appeal the punishment as harsh, but if she doesn't win she'll be locked up until at least 2050.  Hopefully for her sake she's able to win. One can't imagine what even a short stint in a Brazilian prison could do to the mind and body.