And Here We Have A Giant Canadian Iceberg That Looks Exactly Like Batman

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 8.43.31 AM


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Mirror- A Canadian iceberg whose profile physically resembles that of superhero Batman has emerged online.  The iceberg resembles Batman wearing his pointed cowl as he stares out at the water, with rocks in the background. Mike Parsons shared the photo on the ‘Growing Up in Newfoundland’ Facebook page, Buzzfeed points out.  Parson’s caption says the image was taken in Little Bay Islands.  Fellow group members reacted to the photo, and wrote ‘Wow,’ ‘double WOW,’ and ‘Crazy wow,’ to name a few. Parsons, of Round Lake, Ontario, is an active participant in the group and has recently uploaded multiple photos of the scenery in Little Bay Islands, which he lists as his hometown on Facebook.

Just when I think the world is a whirling dervish of random events that have nothing to do with one another something like this comes alongs to remind me I have no fucking clue what’s going on.  That in itself makes no sense because whenever somebody sees the face of Jesus in their bagel or in the clouds or in a piece of shit they launched into a toliet, I’m quick to write it off as nothing more than a coincidence.  It’s hard not to.  Jesus seems to appear every other day now.  He can’t stop won’t stop showing up in weird food products.  Do less, Jesus.  But a Canadian iceberg that looks a whole hell of a lot like Batman?  For whatever reason I’m telling myself on this Wednesday morning that’s not there by accident.  I’m not saying somebody carved Batman’s face into that iceberg.  That’d be totally lame.  I’m saying a greater power was such a big fan of The Dark Knight (I mean how could you not be? Such a great movie.  The Joker?  Ridiculously awesome) he wanted to show his appreciation in the form of a large chunk of ice that looks like the main character.  That’s all.  Ask me tomorrow and there’s a good chance I’ll just saying it’s just a piece of fucking ice.