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Viral Basketball Sensation Thomas "Snacks" Lee Can DUNK

Thomas "Snacks" Lee, a Jackson State basketball manager, has gained almost instant viral stardom after getting to suit up on Senior Night and nailing a 3-pointer. In a time when seemingly everything in this country divides us, Snacks is the hero we needed.

After draining an NBA-range three, you might think Snacks is just a long-range sniper, but you would be woefully mistaken. My guy Snacks has BUNNIES.

You absolutely love to see it. There is nothing better in sports than a unit putting on a show on the basketball court. Snacks came here to smash chicken wings and kick ass. And unfortunately for the Arkansas-Pine Bluff Golden Lions last night, he was all out of wings. 

I don't even care that he had some help from his friends. If a guy that size can get high enough to even put himself in a position to have people help him dunk, he can dunk.

Long live Snacks.