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Over 80% Of Blackhawks Fans Would Gladly Miss The Playoffs If It Meant The End Of Stan Bowman In Chicago

The most accurate poll on the state of the Blackhawks you'll ever see. Sure some people may point out that these are my followers on my corner of the internet and that I have been shoving the Bowman clown logo in their faces for roughly 16 straight months and maybe that swayed them. The important thing to remember if you're making that argument is that there is a substantial part of the fan base that hates my existence and yet it still went this way. 

Think about what this really means. There are 17 games left on the schedule. The Blackhawks are 6 points behind Nashville and also behind a bunch of other teams for that last spot. The nerds who calculate this stuff say that the Hawks have a 7% chance of making the playoffs. If the Hawks were to get in the playoffs it would take a run of EPIC proportions. Toews, Kane, Crawford, and Keith just absolutely playing out of their minds every single night. There are a ton of home games. As the wins piled up as the month of March went along the United Center would be absolutely ROCKING. People would be invested. It would be fun. It would be appointment television. I would love every second of that. 

81% of people are said FUCK that, fire Bowman. I personally didn't vote. I don't know what I would rather have. Bowman has been an unmitigated disaster. Realistically he deserves to be fired whether the Hawks make the playoffs or not because even if they get in and it's death and destruction by the hand of the Blues that's not what the Blackhawks have been about. That's not what we've been hit over the head with for the last 10 years. You can't still force feed the fans "one goal" and then celebrate mediocrity. Which is what the Hawks are right now. A handful of icons surrounded by a lot of guys who probably belong in the AHL or junior. So I understand the people who want Bowman fired and are willing to just say fuck the rest of the season. I was in Canada for Pond Hockey so I didn't get to watch, but I bet seeing the Hawks go down and snatch 4 points in gorgeous F-L-A was a lot of fun, which is why we watch. To have fun. That's not enough for us anymore, apparently. Fans know that Bowman's time is up. One week stretch of games in April shouldn't change that, but nobody wants to risk the bullshit spin zone from Stan and John about how making the playoffs was a victory. Not when that same result made Stan blow up a team in 2017 that had just won the Western Conference. It's time for them to go.