INVESTIGATION: Who Is The Soccer Player That DM'd Lana Rhoades?

Remember the Mike Majlak - Lana Rhodes blog I wrote a few weeks ago? Turns out the whole thing was kind of a work (as I predicted). Mike Majlak and Lana Rhodes appear to still be together according to their most recent VLOG, which included our good friends from Call Her Daddy, Sofia Franklin & Alexandra Cooper:

While there, Mike mentioned that Lana Rhodes was DM'd by a soccer players with 43 million followers on Instagram:

Sofia was absolutely SHOCKED by this revelation:

Now, the question is, who DM'd Lana? We know two things:

-43 million followers on Instagram

-80 million dollar contract

Let's start with the followers on Instagram. There are under 100 people with over 40 million followers on Instagram, so it won't be that hard to figure that out.

It's down to Gareth Bale and Marcelo. 

Gareth Bale 2019 salary: 20.6m

Marcelo: 5.2m

It's looking more and more like Gareth Bale. 

Bale's contract is until 2022. If you include 2019-2022, 20.6m x 4 is 82.4 million. 

So, final verdict is Gareth Bale is the most likely player who DMd Lana Rhodes on Instagram. Shooters shoot! Even when you have 43 million on Instagram!

UPDATE (3:30 pm):

More has emerged about this situation/I did more investigating. I found this tweet about Marcelo:


Along with this finding, there is a new contender that has emerged….James Rodriguez:


This checks out as James Rodriguez has 45 million followers on Instagram and was sold for 82 million to Real Madrid in 2014. I don't think Lana Rhodes and Mike Majlak are looking up yearly salaries, so I have decided that it is most likely James Rodriguez NOT Gareth Bale. Credit to me for doing more research. 

Now that we've got that figured out, here are some pics of Lana Rhodes: