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Roy Williams Put On A Clinic Cutting A Goddamn Rug In The Locker Room ... After UNC-Chapel Hill Moved To 11-17 And Last Place In The ACC

Any time and I mean any time you can celebrate beating NC State to move to 11-17, you have to cut that goddamn rug. I guess it beats what typically happens after games this year for Roy. You know - the guy who typically goes to a press conference saying how this is the least gifted team he's ever coached and talks about wandering around the streets of Chapel Hill playing craps on his iPad. Or maybe the time he begged the AD to fire him. Oh, wait, no, maybe the time he was worried about dying before fixing UNC.

I actually remembered, the last time he danced? When they beat NC State earlier this season too! It also happened to be the last win UNC-Chapel Hill had back in January. 

I get being excited for your team, but come on. At some point you gotta stop dancing when you're 11-17 and last place in the ACC. You just have to shake some hands, tell your future lottery pick Cole Anthony good job and go about your night. You're coaching UNC for Christ's sake. You should be embarrassed that you're this bad. You should be embarrassed that some look at it as an upset when you beat NC State at home. You can't be dancing. 

That said, if they hear their name called on the CBI Selection Show, watch out. Ol Roy might break a hip thrusting away. 

PS: Remember when UNC fans kept screaming that everyone is on notice when Cole Anthony comes back from injury? They are now 1-7 since he returned. Good times.