Guy With 378 Twitter Followers Asks For Happy Birthday Wishes From Strangers So Everyone In The Goddamn World Wished Him A Happy Birthday

A couple times a year we get these really heartwarming stories about some poor sick kid in the hospital who only wants a ton of birthday cards to cheer him up and we, as a society, deliver. Birthday cards coming from all angles probably completely overwhelming the local post office. But it's always a beautiful story born out of tragedy. This is not that. This is just Adam. Potentially by the looks of his avatar this might even just be Adam Silver. 

That's one Adam Silver looking motherfucker. But that's not the point. Cyberadam26 tweeted out to his 378 followers that he'd love some random happy birthday wishes. Didn't say he was sick, didn't really say anything was wrong at all, just a man who wanted a few more HBDs than normal. A fair request with a modest heads up two days out. Then, over the course of 48 hours, he gained four more followers which meant he obviously had to send out the message one more time.

Maybe the most pleasant ratio I've ever seen. Right now he's sitting at a smooth 10,800 retweets and THIRTY-NINE THOUSAND REPLIES. Typically that means you've done something absolutely horrible. Like banned from society bad. Not 39,000 "Happy Birthday!" wishes. Again, just because he asked twice. Is that the key to success in this world? Just asking politely to no one in particular for something once wont get the job done but TWICE and all of a sudden you've got everyone on the internet in your mentions? The Goddamn Fonz wished Cyberadam a Happy Birthday. The FONZ!

Billie Jean King had to get in on the action and up the ante for everyone 

James Goddamn Corden is probably gonna bring this guy on a hot air balloon with Prince and Michael Jackson to sing Happy Birthday to him tomorrow



Nothing from the desk of Orenthal James yet but you have to assume he's ready to cut the cake and take this celebration of Cyberadam26 to the next level. All jokes aside shit like this will always fuck with my brain. At no other point in human history could Cyberadam26 get a shit ton of random strangers to just wish him a Happy Birthday. Like in 1998 if he wanted strangers to wish him good tidings on another year in the books he'd have to go to Dennys and show his license before they begrudgingly sang the song and gave him a free dessert, hardly warming the cockles of his heart. Now the world is so small and connected you can have FORTY THOUSAND PEOPLE reply to you in half a day. I don't really know how to end this blog but I know how I'm not going to end it, I'm certainly not going to wish cyberadam26 a happy birthday. Not again, at least, I had this covered nearly two months ago. It's the rest of you who are late to the party, never the Mick Man.