*UPDATE* DK Metcalf Posts IG Response To A Possible 40 Yard Race VS. PFT Commenter (DK Runs A 4.33)

This is a quick story about 2 Alpha males just entering the prime of their careers, mixing it up online. One is a 6'4'' 229 lb touchdown scoring MONSTER named DK Metcalf. Currently playing on the Seattle Seahawks and he ran the 40 yard dash in 4.33 seconds at last years NFL Combine. 

The other is an absolutely unquestioned and definite 5'10'' MOUNTAIN OF A MAN who's not only 1000% accurate anywhere from 35 yards out, but also built like a prototype specimen from outer space. Somehow a warrior of the highest order like this is a former professional athlete?? But his skills remain all the same. His gritty determination NEVER wavers in challenging situations...

Which brings us to today and specifically last night. I posted a clip on our @BarstoolSports IG Story of PFT showing off the best launch point form needed for the fastest possible 40 time. The kind of advice Steven Cheah would normally have to pay thousands and thousands of dollars for. 

Truly elite specialist level shit. Is ALL-UNIVERSE a team or a term yet? Because Mr. 35 and his form certainly deserve to be on the top of that list...

They say numbers never lie and I have no idea if they're right, but it's hard to argue with overwhelming results like that. Unless of course you're a 6'4'' 229 lb human who can willingly choose to poop all over those numbers to your 860k followers, with tears of laughter flowing...

UPDATE - And now the battle between PFT & DK has officially begun...

PFT: "I'll race u anytime anywhere DK..."


PFT: "Ask ur girl how slow I am" UNICORN TRASH TALK EMOJI

DK: "She said you slow and you fit the stereotype" 

PFT: "That's not the only Thing she say's I fit"

DK: "Shouldn't you be looking for hair implants?"

PFT: "Don't make me add a three cone drill to this Im been on the TB12 method"

But poop all you want DK because these numbers don't lie no matter what social media platform they're on. Instagram, Twitter, everyone is saying the same thing. It'd be a blowout bro! Easy W.

Now there's no official challenge from PFT to DK out there (YET) but I hope Mr. 14 doesn't avoid this matchup. Dread it, run from it, Mr. 35 ARRIVES ALL THE SAME… Now rack this whack fool J-Stew, I'm out clones. Deuce McAllister joins us after the break. Preach.