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Michigan Football Has Cancelled Their International Spring Trip Due To The Coronavirus, And Instead They'll Do Community Service In Ann Arbor

Aweeeee. Michigan's number one recruiting tactic (since their on-field performance doesn't work) has been cancelled for this Spring. In the past three years, Jim Harbaugh has taken his team to South Africa, France, and Italy to show his players a part of the world they've never been. Seems rather expensive to pack up a team of 100 college aged kids and fly them across the globe to another continent. If you ask me, they should just go to Indianapolis. Much closer, much cheaper, and still a place they've never been.

What a beautiful city. I've been there in 2017, 2018, and 2019. Oh, and 2014. I highly reccomend it. But I guess the big-brained people at the Northwestern of the Big Ten East have decided otherwise, and instead of flying overseas or even over state lines to give these kids the trip of a lifetime, they will be staying in beautiful, sunny Ann Arbor this Spring.

“The football team will not be taking an international trip this spring due to health concerns around the world, most notably coronavirus," Abaluf wrote in a text message. “(We’re) looking at doing some community service in the Ann Arbor area.”

Yikes. The entire team had to puke when they read that message.

How do you not come up with a better alternative than that? I'll be honest, dropping the rivalry gloves for one second, I do think it's cool for the players to get to have this type of experience, especially when they're in college and don't have to pay for it. Good for Jim Harbaugh for starting this for his guys. But could you imagine how pissed you'd be to find out that not only is your free trip to another country is getting cancelled, but the alternative is to stay in cold ass Michigan and do community service? Great decision, Jim. I bet the morale of the team is HIGH right now. Oh, and second of all, why would you stay in Ann Arbor if you're trying to avoid diseases? Makes no sense.

Regardless, this decision to cancel the trip has given me one of my favorite treats to enjoy during my morning shit after drinking a coffee: reading the Michigan message boards. I thought the fans would be upset. Thought I'd see some "this will hurt recruiting" or even a "these kids go to Michigan for far more than football" in the posts, but the general consensus is that this is a good thing, because now Michigan can stop focusing on these trips and start focusing on BEATING OHIO STATE.

Not going on a one week trip is what's going to be the move that finally changes the tide. Yup, sure. These guys are too funny. See you in November.