Mark Cuban Is Losing His Shit On Twitter

Go off Cuban! Get it all out! What we're witnessing unfold right before our eyes is one expensive Twitter rant. Hey if the league is going to fine you it only makes sense that you get your money's worth. If it's all just going to be one lump sum of like $50K or something then you bet your ass Cuban is going to unload the clip. It must be a pretty awesome feeling to be willing to drop that kinda cash just to tweet. Nothing Cuban is saying is wrong exactly, but something tells me Adam Silver isn't going to be all too thrilled. The actual name dropping is what's gonna make this one hurt but this is why Mark Cuban is the greatest. You heard him on PMT, the dude has like 5 billion companies so I think he'll be able to float the fine. 

So what caused this outburst? Well the Mavs lost a tough one on the road tonight down in ATL, Trae Young went nuts late in the fourth and there were some brutal calls down the stretch that you knew weren't going to sit well with Cuban. I mean he has a fair point with that goaltend. That was some bullshit. How does a putback count if you reversed the goaltend? Isn't that play blown dead? Very weird. 

I just love that Cuban still have the juice to stick up for his guys and call out the refs even at this age. Mark Cuban gives no fucks and I'd just like to say thank you to the Gods for inventing Twitter so we can all get a real time courtside seat to his epic rants. Love me a good Cuban rant. 

We can ignore all the fourth quarter turnovers and other factors that led to the Mavs loss. They didn't have Luka or Porzingis, it's whatever. Instead just enjoy the Mark Cuban show.