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Today I Learned That The Legendary Dwyane Wade-LeBron James Dunk Picture Wasn't After An Alley-Oop And It Broke My Heart

So I just wrote a blog about Larry "Legend" Tesler who invented Cut, Copy, and Paste on the computer. As is often the case with things that I write on Barstool SPORTS, my idiot brain made a sports comparison as I said CTRL+C and CTRL+V effortlessly moving words was as impressive as LeBron and D Wade effortlessly connecting on that dunk. 

Instead of ripping a copy of the picture off the internet to make my point, I took a tweet of the infamous photo since Barstool has been trying to get out of the "Getting sued for pictures we use" business for years, especially now that we actually have money that people can take from us.

However, the part of the story I didn't see coming was noticing this tweet under the Heat tweet that said the #L3GENDARY picture didn't happen on an alley oop like many people believe but instead on a no-look bounce pass in transition.

*Whispers to self "Be cool dude and #STAYME7O"*

What the fuuuuuuuuuuck? This doesn't shatter any worlds for me like when those no good goddamn internet sleuths debunked Kobe not flinching at Matt Barnes' ball fake. But it still hurt a whole hell of a lot even though the Heat have been my least favorite team since Pat Riley bailed on the Knicks via fax like fucking rat. I mean it's a fine play on its own and D Wade celebrating right in all the haters eyeballs with a no-look pass to his buddy that just so happened to be the best basketball player in the universe months after he left his home state team to play for a superteam that became the most hated team in the NBA is still impressive. But something about it not being an alley oop that didn't make sense by the basic laws of physics takes the littlest bit of luster away, like when you find out that bike you got for Christmas was purchased by your parents instead of brought to your house by some magical old guy with a beard that arrived via flying reindeer.

Now if this has been a known fact for years, I'll gladly accept being the last person who found out. A lot of the replies to the video are people saying of course they knew because they aren't a casual, which I guess either means they are plugged in fans or I am just a bitch boy Casual for which ball is most certainly not life. To be honest, I don't even remember the first time I saw this picture or how I used find random things like this back in 2010 when Twitter was just an app I occasionally checked instead of a crippling addiction. But finding out that incredibly cocky picture of Dwyane Wade and LeBron James turning the sad souls on the Bucks into a meme wasn't on an alley oop the same day I found out the creator of Cut, Copy, and Paste died is just too much for me to handle on a casual Thursday.