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WARNING: Stop Reading If You Don't Want To Have Your Life Ruined...The Kobe Bryant - Matt Barnes Flinch GIF Is All A Lie

I want to say this loud and clear – Taco Tray Kerby and Wob can go FUCK THEMSELVES. The Matt Barnes Kobe Bryant flinch GIF is one of my favorite moments in sports history. No exaggeration. Its the simplest moment but it speaks volumes. If a picture is worth a thousand words a GIF is worth a million. This GIF used to mean everything. It showed that Matt Barnes was a fake ass gangster. It showed that Kobe Bryant wasn’t a human. It was the cockiest, creepiest NBA moment. I was more impressed with Kobe Bryant for this than I was for him dropping 82 on the Raptors. I thought that this man was such a stone cold killer dialed in that he defied human instinct.

Nah. Turns out he was just standing 2 feet to the left. And the worst part of all is after you see the over head angle, when you go back and watch it, its pretty clear the ball isnt in front of Kobe’s face. We all saw what we wanted to see. The Matt Barnes Kobe Bryant GIF was like believing Santa Claus. Like the question they asked on Miracle on 34th Street, “a lie that brings a smile or a truth that brings a tear?” Motherfucker I wanted a lie that brings a smile. And that asshole Wob had to come out here and tell me Santa Doesnt Exist. Just like going up to a 4 year old and being like “Santa Claus isnt real oh and also your mom and dad dont really like each other. They are just putting on a front to keep the family together but they should have split up a long time ago. Deep down they are unhappy and its probably your fault. But Merry Christmas!.”